22.2 How to create a bbPress registration page

Once bbPress is installed, you can create a registration and a login pages for your users.

How to create a bbPress registration page

  • Step 1: Click Pages, add new
  • Step 2: Add a title to the page
  • Step 3: Add the shortcode [bbp-register]
  • Step 4: Select the checkbox "Disable ajax page loading"
  • Step 5: Publish 

bbpress registration form


The form will automatically adapt to the colors and styles of your Customizer settings, as any other part of the bbPress form. The Pro Radio theme for WordPress will take care of every styling detail, using your colors, fonts and layout to match the style of your radio station.


bbpress form registration frontend

Optionally, you can add this page to the menu, in Appearance > Menu.

Select the page from the list of pages, and add it to the menu.

Finally, remember to save the change.



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