1.1 System Requirements


Please make sure to have a Linux PHP + MySql WordPress hosting. Any good provider will work, but if you don’t have one or want a better hosting on a good budget, we recommend https://wphost2go.com/ who tested all of our themes and guarantees top speed and high level security for your website. Anyhow, our theme works perfectly on every good WordPress hosting. Just, if you go for the cheapest of the cheapest like 1$ hosting, don't expect blazing fast performance.

For a fast automated server test, please use our new Server Check plugin.

This theme requires the following:

  • Linux server
  • WordPress 5.7 or higher
  • MySql 5.6+ or greater or any version of MariaDB
  • PHP 7.3 or higher
  • CURL allowed to pro.radio and *.pro.radio

For the most updated requirements of WordPress please find the official page here.

The theme also requires the following settings for an optimal performance:

  • CURL enabled
  • htacces file
  • ModRewrite ON
  • Upload max filesize: 256Mb
  • Memory limit: 256M
  • Post max size: 256M

1. add this in the .htaccess file of your server

php_value memory_limit 256M
php_value post_max_size256M
php_value upload_max_filesize 256M
php_value max_execution_time 1800

2. add thiss to wp-config.php

define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '256M');

3. create a text file, call it php.ini and put this text in it, then upload it in the wordpress root folder:
upload_max_filesize =512M
post_max_size =512M

If you see the error message “ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO DO THIS”

This error means that your server settings don't meet the WordPres requirements for this theme. For this or any other memory or upload limit errors during the upload, please use one of these solutions (any server is different so one of these methods may work better than the others depending on the server settings).

If you are still experiencing any issue, please contact your hosting provider and request an update of your PHP to  version 7.3. This will most probably solve all your issues, because latest php version has a much better performance and allows to bypass all the hardware limitations.


Errors 500, white screen, error 403

If you see any similar error, please also make sure the max_input_vars is large enough. We recommend a value of 10000.

The max_input_vars directive can be configured in .htaccess, php.ini or wp-config.php file. We recommend to increase default value to 3000. Here is how you can do it:

In .htaccess

php_value max_input_vars 10000

In php.ini

max_input_vars = 10000

In wp-config.php

@ini_set( 'max_input_vars' ,10000 );
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