1.6 Demo contents

Demo import requirements:

  1. Be sure to have all of the required plugins
  2. Make very sure you do NOT have any third party plugin active that was NOT provided with the theme
  3. Be sure that that you activated the ProRadio child theme
  4. In case of incomplete import or errors, please check if your server meets the requirements

How to install the demo contents

  1. Click Appearance > Import Demo Data
  2. Click Import and Confirm
  3. You may need to wait a few minutes (time depends on your server speed and on our server load)


  1. Existing contents will not be deleted
  2. If you don't install the demo while using the child theme, you won't import the appearance customizations, as they are linked to the current theme, and our demo is meant to be imported while the child theme is in use.
  3. Do not install the demo data twice, or you will have a lot of duplicated content.


  • If the demo contents are imported partially or not imported at all, it means your server requirements are not met. You can simply repeat the process.
  • If the requirements are met (eg. execution time) but you have problems of partial importing, it means that your server is too slow, and you have probably a very cheap hosting plan. There are known issues with the cheapest 2$ plans from Bluehost and Hostgator which are very limited. If you need hosting advice, we use https://wphost2go.com/ for the best quality/price but you can find other good alternatives. There are many good hosting companies out there, this is simply the one we like the most and we are sure that work with our themes, with good prices.
  • If you see error messages, it means some plugin not provided with the theme is conflicting with the import (as the stock WordPress Importer plugin which is supposed to NOT be installed).

Errors 500, endless loading, or other issues, please check:


Partial import, missing contents

It is normal, while importing a huge demo like this, that the process doesn't make it all at once.

Don't worry!

1) Check your website: the menu should appear ONLY once the whole process is over. You should not see it, if the process was wimed out

2) Just go again to Appearance > Import demo data, and click Import again. Every previously imported content will be skipped

3) Check again in the frontend if the website's menu is appearing. If yes, it's done. if not, repeat from step 2.


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