3.1 Layout and design

The overall appearance of the website and width of the contents can be changed in Appearance > Customize > Layout and Design > Layout.

From this page you can set:

  • Maximum content with of the website (boxed and unboxed website)
  • Container shadow (visible with a boxed design)
  • Load more pagination (affects every archive page)
  • Blog post sidebar (show or hide the sidebar for the single blog pages)
  • Post items corner radius (affects the appearance of any archive item)
  • Shadow (display a shadow for the archive items)
  • Archives template: choose the default appearance for the archives among default (with sidebar), Archive no sidebar, grid sidebar, Horizontal posts with sidebar, Masonry.

Post items design

From this section you can set some global design options for the items:

  • Border radius (corners)
  • Shadow opacity
  • Gradient overlay opacity
  • Colors fo the hover duotone effect [to disable the duotone effect, set white and black]

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