3.3 Call to action button

The "Call to Action" button is a special link with Accent colors placed on the menu bar. Is very effective to highlight a special page of your website.

It should be used to direct the attention of viour visitors to the most important action on your website.

It can also be used to open a popup player.

On mobile, it's hidden by default.

call to action button in menu radio wordpress theme

Call to Action in Mobile

If enabled for mobile, the Call to Action (CTA) will be placed in the Off Canvas sidebar (as the horizontal space in mobile is very limited and there is no way it can appear in the default mobile menu bar).

call to action button mobile


The icons are available from the Google Material Icons list. You can view the full list of icons at this page


Once found the icon you want, click on it, and you will see its name.

Now, just search for this icon in the list:

icon button call to action menu radio wordpress theme header



There are 3 available actions:

  • Open link
  • Popup player
  • Popup custom

A few more words are required to properly explain those functionalities, which you'll find very interesting:

Option 1. Open Link

Very simple: the button opens a page, and you can choose to open the link on a new tab with the "target" switch.

Option 2. Popup player

Fully automatic, opens in a popup your player with the global settings. No additional effort is required, no page needs to be created. If you want a custom content in the popup, you'll need instead the third option:

Option 3. Popup custom

Allows a custom URL that will be opened in a popup. Once you select this option, you'll be able to set width and height of the popup window.

popup button size radio wordpress theme

This option is very useful if you want to use a custom popup from your radio provider or any other custom player that you want to open in popup, a special discount offer, a chat or any other content of your choice.

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