3.4 Secondary menu

Secondary menu

The secondary menu will enable the bar at the top of the page. The background of this secondary menu bar will use by default the "Primary color" of the palette, editable in the Colors section of the customizer. Anyway, you can override the default background color with any custom colors from this section of the customizer.

The secondary menu bar is not visible in mobile (because of the reduced space) so, if any secondary menu is set, it will appear in the Off Canvas bar for mobile.

Social Icons

In this part you can also add Social Icons (the settings are in another customizer section) and a custom text to be displayed on the left side of the Secondary Header bar.

Setting a secondary menu

You can set a menu in Appearance > Customize > Menu. Create a menu and then add it to the Secondary location.

Custom text type

The custom text can be static or dynamic

Text option:

you can set a custom text to appear on this area. here are 2 text fields that will result in 2 parts with a different styling:

Countdown to an event

If "Custom text type" is set to Text, you can display a countdown next to the text.

Event countdownTo display a countdown you need to select an existing event, with a future date, from the dropdown menu. For the creation of an event please make sure to check the proper section of this manual.

Current song

Current songThis option will use the radio player input to display the current song in the secondary header (desktop only).

This requires your radio channel to be properly set up (see the Radio Channels chapter about the correct radio channel settings).


Custom colors

The secondary header uses, by default, the Primary color from the Colors section. To override the default color scheme you can optionally set custom colors for background, text and links.

These settings will only affect the Desktop version of the website.

Secondary menu colors

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