3.8 Buttons

Buttons customization

The theme has 2 button versions:

  • Default: no background and border. The color is by default the same set for the text. Default buttons, while used in Elementor, will tke the color set for the text in that specific7section.
  • Primary: buttons using a custom background and color, to be used for particular interactions of higher relevance

In the customizer you can edit the default aspect for the buttons in layout and design > Buttons

There are 4 available parameters:

  • Buttons background (color): used for Primary buttons
  • Buttons hover: used both for regular and primary buttons, on hover (desktop only)
  • Buttons color: this refers to the text color of the primary buttons, as default buttons use instead the text color.
  • Buttons corner radius: set a pixel value to make the buttons round.


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